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What Is Rim Straightening And How Does It Work?

Hitting potholes and cracks in the road happens often, and the resulting bent rims can be a headache for any driver. At some point, you should consider getting a rim refinishing in Toronto or a rim straightening job from an authorized vendor.

Rim Refinishing

Rim straightening fixes and prevents multiple problems that can arise from bent rims. For instance, a damaged rim may pinch the tire and cause leaks and air loss. A driver may then experience reduced handling and fuel efficiency. It may even cause an accident.

Signs that you have a bent rim include vibration while steering caused by uneven contact with the road. Rim damage might not always be obvious, but you can occasionally find visible damage to your wheels. Finally, deflating tires and flats are another indicator of bent rims.

Almost all types of wheels can be straightened. From steel to aluminum rim refinishing, almost nothing is impossible. In the old days when wheels were made mostly of steel, mechanics would simply hammer them back into place. Avoid attempting this strategy with modern wheels, as it can result in extra damage. Look for professional tooling instead.

Avoid overspending on new wheels when rim repair near you is an option. Authorized repairmen can certainly repair bent alloy wheels despite what many mechanics would tell you. The repair process starts by measuring the wheel with precise instruments to find the location and severity of the deformation. The damaged area is pushed back into place using specialized industrial machinery.

About Infinite Coating

Drivers with any rim-related issues come to Infinite Coating for top-quality repair work. Whether you want a new diamond finish or some rim straightening, our technicians have a service for your needs and budget.

We offer pickup/dropoff service as well as mobile service at your convenience. Our 10 years of rim repair expertise gives us the confidence to offer a full year of warranty on our work. Join us today and find out why so many of our clients recommend us online. We are offer rim repair in Scarborough, Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, and all other parts of the GTA!

We are a dealer approved vendor for these brands:

Warranty Preferred Vendor

Infinite Coating is a warranty preferred vendor, meaning that companies like Symtech, Safe Guard, and other Tire & Wheel Warranty organizations all recognize us as a trusted vendor. If you use their protection and come to us for rim repairs, we will complete the work and bill the insurance company directly.

Infinite Coating has also become an authorized vendor for GoToLoans to give our clients additional financing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your rim is bent?

Bent rims have several negative impacts on your driving. You may feel vibration and shaking while steering as the wheel struggles to maintain contact with the road. Tire leakage and deflation is common as well.

Is it bad to drive with a bent rim?

Yes. On top of compromised handling, a bent rim actually damages your vehicle over time if left unchecked. It also raises your chance of a blowout when the wheel doesn’t have full contact with the rim.

Can an alloy wheel be straightened?

It’s a myth that alloy wheels cannot be straightened. As long as you bring them to an authorized company specializing in wheel repair, you won’t have issues revitalizing your alloy wheels without spending extra on replacements.

Is it worth fixing a bent rim?

Yes. Regardless of the type of rim or severity of the damage, it’s likely that a refinishing job is more economical than a full replacement. Check with your vendor.

How long does it take to fix a bent rim?

Professional vendors only take less than an hour to fix a bent rim. You can expect to get back on the road within 40 minutes in most cases.

What causes a bent rim?

Bent rims are a result of natural wear and tear damage as you drive your vehicle. Sudden knocks or abrasions from potholes or cracks in the road at high speed may contribute to bent rims.