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Rim Straightening Toronto – Can Tire Rims be Straightened?

Common Rim Repair Misconceptions

Many car owners don’t know what options they have when their tire rims are broken or damaged. In fact, rims can bend or become damaged from something as small as a pothole. Without knowing the options available to fix them, many choose to replace their rims. The first mistake that drivers make is not understanding when their rims can be properly repaired or fixed before they crack or break. It’s important to be aware of the condition rims are in, as damaged rims can pinch and ultimately damage tires. With pinched tires, drivers can put themselves in a dangerous situation where the car becomes difficult to drive potentially leading to unsafe driving.  Rim straightening is an excellent solution to prevent further damage to tire rims, avoiding future problems from arising. After rim straightening, drivers can be more confident knowing their tires aren’t being pinched and their car is safe to drive. A misconception that many drivers have is knowing when to focus on their rims when issues arise. When getting a flat tire people often don’t realize that it could be caused by the rim, and overlook the rim when changing the tire. A recommended, new practice for drivers should be rim maintenance. Looking into rim straightening or rim refinishing is something that drivers often overlook even though it could save them money and time. Many drivers don’t realize that almost any type of tire rim can be straightened. With improved modern rims, rim straightening is always a possibility. The main problem is that drivers are not well informed on modern rim straightening capabilities. Bottom line – it’s a mistake for drivers to look past rim straightening as an option when experiencing damaged rims.

Welding Vs Rim Straightening

Welding vs Rim Straightening

Deciding on what method of rim repair to follow is always a case-by-case basis. Depending on what condition a driver’s rim is in sometimes welding is the only solution. Welding is meant as a last resort and is used to restore cracked rims before buying a new one. The difference between welding and rim straightening isn’t just the act itself but the price. Welding can cost $150 to $230 depending on the damage to the rim, while rim straightening ranges in cost from $70 to $130. Rim straightening is less expensive because it’s a preventative measure prior to considering welding. Making sure drivers check their rims to see if they need to be straightened can cost them hundreds of dollars. People think they can buy a rim straightening tool to fix their rims but they don’t understand the cost and still what it takes to do so. A rim straightening tool can cost thousands and can be dangerous. Looking forward, it’s important to know the difference between the two services which will allow you to save money.

How to Enhance Durability and Visual Appeal of Your Rims | Rim Repair

With rim straightening, drivers can fix rims before a larger problem exists, but it isn’t the only way to protect your rims. Hyper silver, powder coating, and diamond-cut are three different services that work towards creating a superior rim. Hyper silver is a great way to create a sharper rim with a luxurious look. The process involves overlaying translucent paint over the rims undercoat to create a shining effect. Although it mainly focuses on the visual appeal the process helps to shield the rim and protects it from cracking. Powder coating takes the process to the next level focusing on the durability of the rim while creating a slick look. With powder coating, drivers can protect their rims from war and tear while enhancing the look of the wheel. The process coats the rim with a material that prevents scratches and helps fight against potential cracks. It’s applied electrostatically baked on for a durable and saturated color. Another option is diamond-cut rims which involve a process where drivers can have their rims machine cut to the finest details. Through the service, the surface of the rim is machine cut off and coated in a preventive corrosion liquid. Although the surface of the rim is cut, it is barely noticeable unless you are inches from the rim. It focuses on the durability of the rim and less on the visual look, although many like the finish of the process. Drivers need to take care of their rims and although rim repair/straightening is always a choice, it is always best to take preventive measures. These three services can be a great way to enhance the durability of a rim while providing a fresh look and feel.

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