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A Professional’s Approach To Rim Repair in Toronto

The Curb Rash Repair Saga

The stories behind most curb rash repairs or rim repairs more or less start the same way. You either hit potholes in a road (a great result of our cold climate) or you scraped the curbside when parking on it. Whatever be the start of your wonderful journey into the rim repair world, the way it ends is what truly matters!

Rim Repair is often needed for Pothole Tire Damage in Toronto

Potholes are arguably one of the main causes of damage to rims in Toronto (source:

Now, you could go ahead and try learning all about rim repair, rim painting, etc. yourself, cut costs by trying DIY solutions, and think you have become a rim repair professional after a few weeks of YouTube videos; but a true rim repair professional is one that truly earns that title only after successively restoring and repairing countless wheels and becoming honed in the art of rim repair.

The Steps to Professional Rim Repair

When it comes to rim repairs you always need a professional’s approach. This is because of the delicate nature of rims. The major part of any rim repair or curb rash repair is to first check that the wheel is balanced and hasn’t suffered internal damage or is not bent. Rim straightening is one of the services that is provided by rim repair professionals that deals with any internal damage that your wheel may have suffered as a result of years of hitting minor bumps on the road or having hit a major pothole (just one time is enough) while driving. A professional eye and years of experience are needed to make sure this critical stage of the rim repair process goes smoothly.

Rim Repair Toronto - Infinite Coating

Our Rim Repair Services in Toronto will make your rims look like they are brand new.

The next stage involves more cosmetic rim repairs (which is where our creativity and professionalism shine) and attention to detail is the key job for the professional. Rim painting or powder coating to be more precise is probably the most common approach. This stage usually starts with an acid bath (I know what you’re thinking but your wheels don’t get destroyed here) to remove and get rid of the previous rim painting job. The next stage of rim repair then smooths out the wheel surface through various processes that include sanding, scuffing, and grinding the wheel to a smooth surface. The key is to have a perfectly even surface before applying the paint finish and completing the rim painting job. A Hyper Silver finish is in high demand these days and gives a luxurious look to any car.

Diamond cuts are forever!

Despite the popularity of powder coating, diamond-cut repairs are becoming increasingly common. Many new car models have their wheels finished with diamond-cut rims. The technology and precision needed for this are very demanding. Luckily, we at Infinite Coating are one of the top professionals for diamond-cut rim repairs in Toronto.

In one-word diamond cut, rim repairs can be described as a “Rimsurrection”. You are getting back your wheels to the original form by removing the outer alloy using a specialized lathe. A good lacquer or polishing on top of diamond cut rims also ensures they remain corrosion protected.

Precision Rim Repair Toronto

We at Infinite Coating bring a serious professional approach to rim repair. Forget about garages and body shops and say hello to professional rim repair solutions! At Infinite Coating, we refurbish rims, do mobile rim repair, rim painting, curb rash repair, rim straightening, diamond-cut repairs, and more. Give us a simple call from anywhere in the GTA at 416-855-8228. Whether you need a rim repair in Mississauga, a rim repair in Scarborough, or a rim repair in Richmond Hill we got you covered! We give your wheels a truly new life and have our own facilities for tire change and storage. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all things “Rimsurrection”. You can say goodbye to your rim repair problems for good!